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This webpage was in part developed in collaboration with Dr. Lukas RIST, former research head of the Paracelsus Hospital Richterswil, Zurich, Switzerland

Healthy organic salad plate. (c) Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker, Salzburg, Austria (2008).
Healthy organic fruit plate. (c) Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker, Salzburg, Austria (2008).
Happy pig, kept under ideal conditions at the famous human and animal rights institution Gut Aiderbichl in Henndorf bei Salzburg, by Michael Aufhauser. (c) Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker, Salzburg, Austria (2008).

Results of our RESEARCH ON ORGANIC FOOD are presented for download below

Quoted from the original site text of the Research Institute for Frontier Questions of Medicine and Biotechnology,, September 2008:

  • Did you know that in the European Union, each year 10,000 tons of antibiotics are used for the mass animal production? (Source: BR3 report, The real number is probably much higher. One of the consequences occurring because of this is: more and more bacterial strains become resistant to antibiotics. If a human being comes into contact with antibiotica-resistant bacteria and then develops an infectious disease, in many cases can no longer be treated successfully. Antibiotics often do not work anymore. In food, especially the ones derived from mass breeding, drug residues are often detectable, which we take up during eating. This is often the case when we eat "cheap food". "Organic food" usually contains no drug residues at all (apart from a few exceptional cases). If you take care, to buy and eat mainly organic food, you don't only help animals and the environment, but above all, you help yourself to stay healthy! Further scientific studies are in the pipeline.
  • Did you know that a term such as "country chicken farmer's guarantee" neither states that teh meat derived from chicken from freeland breeding, nor, that those chickens came from a place which looks like the "countryside farm" of your imagination? If it is not clearly stated that the meat derives from "organic" or free-range breeding, "country-chicken", "land-chicken" or similar terms mean, that it is very likely to be the meat of chickens that are mass-breeding chickens with living conditions hardly imaginable to most people. The affected animals have probably never seen daylight (except through non-transparent windows) and have never walked on normal "country" ground. Instead, they had been locked inside incredibly small cages or crowded in deep litter. In spite of mass protests, battery cage breeding is still allowed in most regions of the European Union. The same is true for turkey meat. For turkey breeding, enormous quantities of medicines and antibiotics are used, in order to allow those unfortunate animals to "survive" at all. Even in pig and cattle breeding, incredible conditions often prevail; close tie-stalls is a usual state, and the animals in many cases throughout their entire lives cannot move, nor even sit or lie down. The word "farm guarantee" only means that the meat comes from a farm - that is, in many, perhaps most cases, a large breeding fabrics. And that means "mast" and "ignoble life" for the animals, including the use of drugs - so that these unfortunate animals can survive until they are brought to the slaughterhouse. If you obtain real "bio-organic" food and do not believe any dubious or ethically irresponsible suggestions from advertisements, please only consume what also is labelled as "biological controlled", "controlled organic" or "environmentally controlled". The word "controlled" alone, per se, means nothing - only that someone apparently tries to mislead or suggest that it would be "organic".

  • Did you know that the breeding of farm animals (and also hunting) in Austria and many other countries is excluded from the animal protection laws? And that inspections by the official veterinarian usually warn those farms in advance, so that they have enough time to bring everything into a clean condition and remove everything which would point towards a lack of hygiene or non-compliance with various provisions?

  • Did you know that taking too many vitamins does not help your health, but often can cause adverse effects? Vitamins, taken in large quantities, very often can (also) lead to unwanted immune reactions of your body. One result: Our immune system repels vitamins which we essentially need for living. Such problems are known e.g. for the vitamins B6, B12 or E. Skin problems, itching etc. can arise or increase. If you eat healthy - that is mostly vegetables and fruit from controlled organic growing, sometimes fish, but largely avoid meat or at least reduce it greatly, and also avoid eating masses of sweets, eggs and milk products, you do not need vitamin supplements. (Only for older people, taking vitamin D drugs - after consultation with the doctor - is often recommended.) The kind of eating improvements only shortly mentioned here is a great way of prevention and also helps animals and the nature.

  • Did you know that milk is not as healthy as is often suggested? Many studies show that a significant percentage of people suffer from milk intolerance (some studies say up to 50% of adults, depending on the region; in China, for instance, the proportion is much higher). For children, in most cases milk is important and well tolerated. In adults, milk should be used only as an additive rather than a main drink. Recent studies from the Paracelsus Hospital (Richterswil, Switzerland) show that organic milk for adults and children (which is also for optimum breast feeding of babies) contains more healthy ingredients than conventional milk - and that these healthy ingredients can also be found in mother's milk in increased quantities.

  • Healthy Food: (in German language)

Meat Free Mondays

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) officials announced that the proportion of animal mass breeding counts for 14,5 % in the production of greenhouse gases. Reputed NGOs estimate the percentage could even be higher than 50%! If we for one day a week only avoid eating animal products, especially of meat and sausages, the climate problem could easily solved.

I regard Meat Free Mondays as an enormously important and efficient initiative of Sir Paul McCartney and colleages, dedicated towards fast improvements of our planet's health, climate, animal rights, and for more tolerance, peace and love on Earth, and wholeheartedly support Meat Free Mondays (Supporters): "It saves the life of uncounted animals, increases our awareness about the cruelty involved in mass meat production, and it contributes amazingly much to protect the climate, and for more peace and love. It is very easy for everyone to avoid meat at least one day a week. Vegetarian and even more, vegane nutrition, is better for all of us. It helps for a longer and better quality of life, for a highly improved psychological status (less aggressivity, less depressions), and for more spiritual insight. We are all One: Humans, animals, and nature. And we depend on each other and should do our very best to treat each other well. I sincerely thank Sir Paul McCartney and the Meat Free Monday initiative for their adorable efforts towards a better world and wish it every success."

At the very informative website, you can find phantastic cooking recipes for vegane and vegetarian food. And they do a wonderful newsletter. By living in a vegetarian, or even better, vegane way, you too support ethics, animals, nature, climate - and your own health. "Join us and see how one day in a week can make a world of difference!" (Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney).

Bio / controlled organic food is clearly better!
Not only for the environment and for all affected beings, but also for YOU!!

Beware of ethically and medically misleading advertisements - please read our two diploma theses available here (unfortunately, they are only available in German language). Further investigations are underway.

Below, we offer two masters' dissertations as pdf-files worked out by two young Salzburg scientists under the guidance of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker. In the manuscripts, available scientific literature on the topic of food quality and composition is discussed. Valuable information can be found here, on residues of chemicals, pesticides and medication, but also on vitamins and secondary plant ingredients in food of vegetable and animal origin. Special emphasis is given on quality differences between food from "organic" origin in comparison to those derived from mass production:

By clicking on the two buttons at the end of the text, the theses of Mrs. Mag. Gundula SCHINDLEGGER and of Mr. Mag. Matthias FLORIAN can be downloaded. The surveys contained were carried out at the Research Institute for Frontier Questions of Medicine and Biotechnology of the Salzburg Federal Clinics, in joint collaboration with the University of Salzburg (Department of Organismic Biology) and with Dr. Lukas RIST, former head of research department in the Swiss Paracelsus-Hospital Richterswil/ Zurich.

Diploma theses on constituents of food derived from conventional versus controlled organic origin:

Diplomarbeit: Mag. Gundula SCHINDLEGGERDiplomarbeit: Mag. Matthias FLORIAN

      (1.247 KB .pdf)                           (661 KB .pdf)

For download and to store the pdf-files on your computer, right-click on the two buttons.